About us

Krles was established in 1990 by an assortment of musicians from various bands.  From that original group, only guitarist Radek „Sady“ Sadovsky and the bass guitarist, Jiri „Mraza“ Zima, remain.  In 1992,  Simona Krtenova engraved the band with the characteristic element of a female vocal by replacing two previous singers.  In 1993, Mraza took a maternity leave as other changes were also made among band members.

At the time, when others were afraid to even utter the words „Heavy Metal“, in order not to frazzle the crittics and other so called music experts, Krleš was persistant.  In 1996, they recorded their debut album, Stin predtim, with six original songs.  The title cut (and  first song recorded) drew its inspiration from Stephen King’s horror „IT“.  All of the recordings, except for the last hit, Krav’n’roll, were sets of melodic speed metal.  The album was only released on audio tapes and was rather well sold.

In the spring of 2000, Krles p­erformed with the band Gamma Ray.  With that same combination of musicians, the band recorded another album, TO (It) in 2001. That cd was harder than Plameny, and it’s not missing the melodics nor instrumental precision.  Between November and December of that same year, Krles hatched the idea to bring totherCzech heavy metal bands.  As Cruel Barba­rian and Sala­mandra, they all played a total of eight concerts.

Then, in the spring of 2002, Simona abruptly and unexpectedly left the band in violation of all prior agreements.  Her vocal position was taken by Zuzana Martincova, who went through a baptism of fire (on May 10th in Bratislava) after only five days in the band and one rehersal.  This heroic „baptism“ allowed the concert schedule to go uninterrupted.

The band’s production was then enhanced by foreign songs of world-famous giants. Consequently, their nexbe a compilation of cover songs with czech lyrics.  Unfortunatelly, a few of the original authors didn’t grant their premission for the recording and the whole project (and a lot of hard work) was in vain!

Despite their busy concert schedulhe band returned to the studio after three years and recorded their third cd, Slzy Arko­ny (The tears of Arcona).  Here, the lyrics are focused on a history of the Elbe Slovanians.  Slzy, again, is harder than To, especially the sound aspect.

The subsequently busy schedule of 80–100 concerts per year was too much for guitarist Jirka Karpjuk.  After 8 years together, he decided to leave the band in the spring of 2006. His post was soon taken by Libor Danis.  Meanwhile, the band had already started to record another cd, Time to Rise, which is a „best of“ selection recorded in English.

In the summer of 2006, Zuzana also unexpectedly left the band right in the middle of a concert!   This stressful situation was temporarily resolved when the drummer from the bandScelet Roman Leninn Zapadlo sat in while Krles’s drumed the mike.&nbspunately, the group only had to play three concerts in this array.  Some people might have found this combination a little crazy, but they really had fun!!

As destiny would have it, during their last make-shift performance an annnouncement was made for the need of a new vocalist.  Lucie Roubickova just happened to be in the crowd and the rest is history.  Her first performance with the band was only one week later at a Rockfest in Dacice!  The new cd, Time to Rise, had already been recorded at that time, but the band wasn’t satisfied with the quality of Zuzana’s singing.  Subsequently, it was all re-recorded by Lucie.

Thanks to all that, the whole process of cd recording took much longer than expected.  Time to Rise, Best Of was finally released in December 2006. Since then, the band’s concert sc has been more intense than ever!

In March 2008 Libor leaves the band and his place of the lead quitar player is taken by Sali. In this compound the band starts to record it's fourth album Perunovo Requiem, which is released in August 2008.

On the edge of years 2008 and 2009 our ex-guitar player, repatriate Libor Danis came back to replace Sali.