Iron, Gold And Dung - Železo, zlato a hnůj

My king, you’re mighty, great
Much too strong for our state
Where knights are lying for coin-piles in front of you
What do you believe in? You know they are waiting
For direction where wind blows to turn their heads too

Just take your side no one is exquisite
You will be lone, lone, lone, lone, lone

Who of the knights leave the battle?
Who will lose forever his face?
Who is so frightened, who’s gonna scuttle?
His crown is trimmed with imperial haze

No return any step aside
Rather he wants to be dead
Snatched ensnared with treason, without chance to fight
Golden and iron king dies with no fame

With sword, effort in face
For mighty realm he chased
Intrique trapped, like flow it swayed medieval world
Better if king is weak, to give us what we seek
That should be cheated by nice and flowery words

Till night will come, let him to rule kingdom
Being in grasp mine, mine, mine, mine

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