Tears Of Arkona - Slzy Arkóny

The roar of war, Arcona sored
A temple fire consumes
Fume kiss the cheek, troughout  the flames
Pure despair in eyes to read
Through memories my own mind now strays
Aeons of the years when Svantovit
Blessed the harvest and blessed us all, all living breed

The Pilgrims are arriving to
The port,  homeage to pay
But break has come, the rise of cross
And hate so envious

With the hatred and the fight
Bringing the fire as a gift
And in my eyes despair dwells
Reflecting doom and waste

Crucious fight near pallisades
Three sleepless days of victim’s cries
The deadly song there you can hear
Through Ran’s ears last days coming near
The refuse’s weak, the power’s gone
The breath’s reduces by choking smoke
As faith of fathers fades away
Then the eternal city dies

White horse is bleeding and then dies in the courtyard
Icon of God was desecrated and Rujana burns
Evil betreyal greets death in very warm welcome
Third day of the curse by the sword now is to be done
There is no sense of life
My eyes are scrubbed with salt
Arkona clasped with cry, there’s weeping, me.

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