One More Time - Ještě jednou!?

So one more time on the edge of your brain
The chemical oceans you’ll sail
Savior’s not coming and you ease the pain
With needle you reach for the grail

Charon is waiting for your
Last coin to cross the river – Styx
The waves are reaching higher
You’ll find your paradise was trick

Promises, promises, promises always fail when
What you want is not what you need
As body aching the soul is for sale
Open the vains, plant the seed

Though in the night time seems still
Coldness of morning you won’t face
Neon vein’s calling for more
No one will ever find your trace

So one more time before you will go
So one more time and you will not see dawn again
Just one last night and they close the show
Stars will fall down and you’ll burn in fiery rain

So one more time that you will play the role
And fulfil the script of your fate
Nothing to do with all the years you stole
Sometimes it’s really too late

The world is spinning faster
And laugh of puppet master’s real
Illusion’s growing stronger
Untill you can no longer feel                …and you’ll burn in fiery rain

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