The Night - Noc

The day is dying, wild energy
Desperate evil forces off to haunt your dreams
Night is the time when all your nightmares’ coming true
Night is the time when all the ghosts will talk to you
There is no way to escape the monster fear
Give up your hopes because you know the night is here, night is here

Darkness calling, the spirits rise
Untill the morning they will be here to victimize
You will be praying to fall asleep
The night will rule and her black eyes they seem so deep

Time of the suicide, time of the thieves
It’s time for mourners to be sinking in their griefs
The shadow’s painting evil faces on your walls
So shut your candles, don’t reply to spooky calls
Don’t say a word, as you feel they’re coming near
Give up your hopes, because you know the night is here, night is here

Darkness calling…

Those scary pictures fear is painting on the wall
And thousand evil ghosts will eat your soul
The silence kills you, there’s something you can hear
Demons are here, demons are here!

Run away, when you hear the Banshee wail
Or you can pray before you see the demon’s tail
The beasts are drooling for your blood and they’re coming fast
The night is here, and it just wants to be your last

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