Time To Rise - Zkrat

Many times you’ve been considering being
Difficult is the game that you play in the name
Of your life
Days and weeks go by with hours passing time
And nights with open eyes, your dreams are telling lies 

Crying louder with gun in your hand
Silence breaks into the roar
Trying harder not to waste your life
Seeing your infinity 

Time to rise, time to rise, now it’s time to stand up on your feet

Many times you fall, you’re waiting for the call
No answers for your spleen, your brain is eaten by
Your issues
People around you they don’t care what you do
No hand is offered by those who listen to you

Many times you feel that this could not be real
What forces you to stand and live your life again
It’s crazy
Stronger than before and want no cry no more
Just try to cure your pain that hides inside your soul
Stop your ..

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